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Cross Game Part 44

“I want you.” The three words were being whispered secretly into Saga’s ear. Tora’s voice was so soft,  deep though barely audible, but it still sent  a surge of massive shockwave across Saga’s being.

Startled, the blond teenager turned back to face Tora, staring up at his husband with bewildered eyes. It was the first time he heard anyone saying such words to him, under such consequence. He was not innocent nor ignorant—not anymore. He knew crystal clear what those words meant, but it was up to him to respond.

With a rarely displayed determination, the blonde reacted by taking Tora’s glasses off, quickly putting said glasses on the nearby floor and started kissing the latter fully on the lips. The taller teen didn’t expect such a response from Saga, yet he immediately picked up the hint and opened his mouth a bit, sucking on his husband’s lower lip.

Saga was still situated in between Tora’s legs, his hand was now reaching up to his dark-haired husband’s nape, caressing it gently. The soft touches only encouraged Tora more, as he placed his own hand on the blonde’s chest. His calloused fingers teasingly played with the zip of Saga’s jacket, which he soon pulled down. He had half expected Saga to back down, but the anticipated rejection never arrived, instead he was rewarded by a passionate deep kiss from the younger man.

Here they were again, alone and far away from other people’s notice, losing in a tangled web of lust, longing  and desire, neither of them seemed wanting to get out.

“Are you...sure about it?” Tora asked.

A determined nod was all he got from the blonde. Tora brushed off Saga’s fringe, staring into his deep brown eyes; searching for truth, for he didn’t want the younger boy to have any regret.

“It’s okay...” The blonde blushed hotly, knowing fully well what he was agreeing to. “I...I’m okay with it.”

Tora didn’t say anything for a brief second, but then he nodded as well and stood up, “I’ll be right back.”

Saga was taken aback by the raven-haired teen’s announcement. He supposed he knew what Tora was going to do, but it didn’t stop his face from turning even redder. Absentmindedly, the younger teen began taking his clothes off. First, the jacket; followed by the hooded sweater. Until it was only the shirt left on. Even as he half-finished undressing himself, Saga still couldn’t believe that they were absolutely going do something, which was in the least of his mind.

He was clutching at the front of his clad chest, when Tora returned. A glance was all it took for Saga to notice the certain tiny bottle in the raven head’s hand. Tora knelt before him, supporting his weight on his left arm, as he rested the bottle of lubricant on the rug, close to their legs. Then, he shifted his gaze back to his younger husband, looking into his eyes again.

“I—It’s gonna be alright—” Tora tried to say some soothing words to reassure the younger one, but instead what he had said sounded nervous and clumsy.
“I know,” almost too quickly, Saga replied.

He felt strange saying that. Nevertheless, he’d proven that he had actually decided to trust Tora several times before. As if he had begun to have faith in the older boy, who was none other than the father of their unborn child.

Tora smiled at his husband’s words before he closed the short distance between their faces once more, bringing their lips back together with another hot searing kiss. A soft sigh found its way from the back of Saga’s throat, he was only faintly aware of Tora’s hands running along the front of his shirt before he started loosening the buttons one by one, before said shirt laid open for him, allowing him to expose the younger boy’s torso.

Saga gasped into the kiss as he sensed Tora’s fingers wrapping around one of his nipples. He was not used to having his sensitive part being played with like this, and how he was responding to Tora’s teasing, plus the sound he was making between their kisses, made him blush even more.

Tora smiled against his husband’s lips, loving how responsive the younger one was to his caress, one of his hands shifted to the small of Saga’s back, before he took hold of the collar of his shirt and pulled the shirt down and off from the blond’s slim shoulders. but instead of removing the shirt entirely, Tora kept it hanging crumped on his husband’s upper arms.

When it finally came to the point they had to break apart for air, Saga looked up at his husband with hazy eyes, it seemed like he could not think clearly, all he could think of was that he wanted—needed Tora to do something, he needed him to continue what they had been doing until...until......

As if reading his thoughts, Tora placed a light butterfly kiss upon the blond’s forehead before moving to his earlobe, then leaving a wet trace downward as the raven head made good use of his mouth and tongue to taste his lover’s flesh.

“You’re so beautiful...” The raven head repeated his previous praise but he did not really know what he was saying, the words seemed to just slip from his lips as he made a feast out of the exposed soft skin before him.  

With his arm wrapping around Saga’s waist, keeping him close; Tora kissed along the fine line of the younger boy’s neck and his bare shoulder, he didn’t stop until the skin turned a shade of pink with bite marks. A fierce urge to take more was burning him up from the inside, it felt like he was not getting enough from his partner, like he needed to lay his hands upon the younger one’s skin, to simply touch as much as he could. It felt like this hunger could not be satisfied before he had done tasting and feeling Saga fully for as much as the latter would allow.  


Saga’s moan somehow manage to pierce through the great mist of lust that clouded Tora’s mind, he paused for a second to wonder what his husband’s whimper meant. What was he pleading for? For more? Or...for him to stop?

Was Saga hesitating, having second thoughts to put a halt on all these? The unpleasant thought jolted Tora out from his lust, he withdrew himself in order to study his younger partner’s face, only to find instead of resistance, there was unveiled longing and desire written across Saga’s flushing face.

“Please what?” Even though he was confident that he knew what Saga was pleading for, still Tora could not resist the chance to tease his lovely husband a bit.

“...I don’t know,” Saga averted his gaze sheepishly, finding it embarrassing to translate his desires into words. He could not imagine how he would talk about what he wanted his lover to do to him in such a situation out loud. Especially, when he didn’t even have the slightest idea of what exactly he wanted Tora to do next.

“I just...” Shaking his head, Saga murmured against his husband’s shoulder, “ something......”

Tora could feel his heart racing wildly upon hearing the blonde’s shy words. Not only had Saga confirmed with his own words that he liked what they were doing, wanting it badly enough that he was asking for him to do something about it.  More importantly, Tora was pleased by the acceptance Saga had expressed with  those simple words.

“Lay back.” Tora requested softly, but he couldn’t stop a smirk from spreading across his face.

Saga did what he was told obediently, though he still had no idea what his husband had in mind. As  the blonde lowering himself down backward, supporting himself with his own elbows, Tora’s hands still remained wrapping protectively around the blonde’s waist, helping Saga  to lay fully down on his back.  

Blinking slowly as Saga tried to make himself comfortable amongst the comforter and pillows on the rug, it took a few seconds for Saga’s eyes to refocus. Once he looked up and saw his husband now hovered above his sprawled body and felt how close they were; Saga felt like he was on fire when he realised with him now laying down on the carpeted floor, his trousers pooled around his ankles and his unbuttoned shirt hanging loosely on his shoulders,  in a position like this he could hardly hide anything from Tora’s gaze.

Biting his lower lips out of nervousness, Saga gripped the hems of his shirt then pushed them as further  down over the top of his thighs as the fabric would allow, as though it could help him to cover himself up.

If Tora noticed his uneasiness, he didn’t say anything. Instead, soon the blonde felt a pair of warm palms cupping both his knees, and then softly started to run circles across them before those hands sneaked upward to stroke his thighs, gently caressing the smooth skin as in a progress to memorise the sensation.

The sensual touch made Saga moan, the muscle of his thighs relaxing subconsciously. His legs slowly fell open, giving his husband more access.

Soon, the blond felt the soft touch of a kiss being placed upon his inner thigh. It was soon followed by another before it became a series of butterfly kisses alongside the tender flesh. The sensation was so surprising that he almost jumped.

But before Saga could writhe away from the touch, Tora managed to halt him by placing a soothing hand upon one of his thighs, holding him still before Saga could close his legs or flee.

“Be still...” Tora whispered before placing yet another kiss atop his younger husband’s smooth thigh, this time dangerously close to the part which needed his attention the most...  

Next, Saga felt warm fingers wrapping themselves around his manhood, which was already half aroused by their foreplay.

“...Tora?” The sudden touch made Saga jumped again, leaving him gasping in shock, “What’re you doing!?”
“I want to make you feel good...”

It was the reply he got before his husband bent down and took him into his mouth. Warmth enveloped him immediately and Saga drew in a sharp breath in disbelief, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the comforter beneath him tightly with both his hands, trying desperately to keep his body under control.  

Never had anyone done this with him before. Saga had only heard about couples doing that together in their private moment, but he had never done it with anyone before. His mind told him what they were doing was kind of embarrassing but he didn’t have the will to call a stop, not when what Tora performed upon him was making him feel things he had never felt before. He groaned loudly as he felt a moist tongue running across the crown of his erection repeatedly. His partner working on him with the firm determination to drive him out of his mind with lust whilst Saga fought to hold onto his sanity, but failing.

Having his most vulnerable part being mercilessly simulated and played with like this took Saga breath away. Soon enough, he was panting as the older boy took his whole length  deeper into the warm cave of his mouth, caressing the heated flesh with his playful tongue till the length sprong into its full hardness.

By now, Saga was writhing on top of the comforter. His hands somehow found their ways to the back of Tora’s head and his fingers tangled into the older boy’s hair desperately as if it was the only thing he could hold onto, against the mind-blowing lust which threatened to overwhelm him. Suddenly, he felt a surge of heat rushing down to his groin. In an instant, he knew what was next.

The blonde sensed a rush of panic, “Tora...I...I’m so close—”

He meant to warn his husband that he was about to come, that the latter should withdraw; but instead of withdrawing, Tora only took him deeper, holding Saga in place as at last, the younger boy exploded into his husband’s waiting mouth.

Saga reached his climax at the same time as white hot stars exploded behind his closed eyelids—and he didn’t even know since when he had snapped them close at the first place. In a situation like this, he couldn’t think straight. In fact, his mind seemed to have barely any control over how his own body was reacting to what he was experiencing. Saga was vaguely aware of himself groaning and crying out. He thought he had uttered some words in this moment, but the meaning of the word he had tried to form was hopelessly lost to him.

When he finally came down from the high and became aware of his surroundings again, Saga summoned his strength and tried gathering himself up from the rug, only to find it was quite a task to just try lifting his upper body up with the help of his elbows. It felt like his mind was still not able to stay focused, and his limbs had been reduced to jelly.

Watching the younger blonde tried to straighten himself without much success, Tora smiled and then leant forward to gather the boy up in his arms with seemingly no effort.

Saga felt himself blushing again for being treated like a child, but he could not say he disliked what Tora had done, not when the raven head was holding him so gently like he was some fragile artifact. However,  he flushed brightly when his eyes traveling downward to his barely covered body, and the thin milky white traces of his own seed cooling on his lower stomach.

For a moment, Saga’s thoughts drifted to linger on all sorts of unrelated matters, trying to escape—even only for a moment—from this surreal dreamlike reality he had found himself in. Anything else to keep his mind off the fact that he was in Tora’s arms in such an intimate way, how the closeness of Tora’s body was affecting him, anything else to keep himself from acknowledging the fact that they were going to have sex again. Furthermore, he wanted to keep away from the unspoken understanding that if they were going to have sex, for safety measure they should do it in the sitting position, because they must take care not to add pressure on Saga’s tummy.

The blonde stirred a little, murmuring something under his breath with his head still nested on his husband’s chest. Confused, Tora reached a hand under Saga’s chin and leveled the latter’s face up so they could be face to face with each other. “What’s it?”

“Not—not fair...” Saga pouted, his cheeks flushed even more deeply and his words slipped off his lips with great reluctance as he spoke, as if he was shy to word out his own thoughts. “Why are you still having your clothes on?”

Tora chuckled at his husband’s complain. “Nasty, nasty boy. So eager to see my clothes off?”

“I didn’t say that!”  The blonde tried to hide his embarrassment with a mock-punch against Tora’s chest.

Tora chuckled, but then he reached for Saga's hand and brought it up to the front of his shirt. He looked Saga deep in the eyes, whispering, “You know what to do.”

His husband’s low voice sent a shiver of excitement down Saga’s back. Then, as if being mesmerised by Tora’s gaze, for an instant his uncertainty and inexperience was forgotten.  “Hai...”

Then, he started to work on undressing his husband.

Tora’s gaze was sincere. His touch when guiding Saga taking his own white T-shirt was gentle, that the tremble Saga felt as he began undressing his husband disappeared in an instant. Tora smiled at him, and he felt confident in what he was doing.

Pulling the hem of Tora’s T-shirt upward, Saga did his best to keep his hands to work steadily and not to think too much about the fact that he was undressing Tora. Thankfully, with the older boy’s help, the white T-shirt soon joined Saga’s own clothes on the nearby floor.  

But the blonde knew the difficult part had just begun. Swallowing hard, Saga lowered his hands to his husband’s waistband. Then, he opened the button at the top, but when it was time to unzip the trousers’ zip, the boy felt his breath caught in his throat, the embarrassment was overwhelming, especially after he noticed the bulge resting beneath his husband’s trousers.

And this time, Tora wasn’t helping him out.

“Come on, you can do it~”
“Will you just...shut up?” Saga mumbled, hardly loud enough for Tora to hear, but the raven head laughed at how red Saga’s face had become after he teased him.

Despite being so nervous, the blonde finally managed to unzip his husband’s jeans. He paused, looking up at Tora, as if asking for more guidance. The latter’s hand cupped his cheek, before it was brought down to find his. Then, Tora guided the younger’s hand to rest on his bulge, which made Saga blush even harder as he immediately felt heat radiating directly from his husband’s flesh. Saga’s heartbeats echoed loudly in his ears. Tora’s manhood felt so warm and hard in his palm, and he didn’t have the confidence to look his husband in the eyes. So with his eyes snapped tight, he freed Tora’s manhood out of his underpants. It wasn’t easy to do that properly when you didn’t watch what you were doing, but after a few failed attempts, the task was accomplished. Plus, Tora didn’t complain or make any smartmouth comment on the younger boy’s clumsiness.

Although slowly but surely, the blonde started rubbing his palm up and down the hardened shaft. A soft sigh escaped Tora’s lips, it made the blonde’s heart skip a beat. He continued stroking, gaining his confidence back within each second. Then, Tora’s hand rested on his hips again, as he called out the blonde’s name in a whisper. Meeting Tora’s eyes, Saga was greeted by the bliss glistening within those dark orbs.

“Come closer,” whispered the raven head again.

Saga complied when Tora manoeuvred him on his lap. The blonde’s hands left the warmth of the dark-haired boy’s length, and then replacing them on the older boy’s shoulders.

Tora wrapped both of his arms around Saga’s hips, looking up to meet his husband’s eyes. Their foreheads were touching, their erections grinding against each other as the older boy pressed their bodies even closer.

They captured each other’s lips again, sharing another passionate kiss. Their tongues tangled around one another, their moans swallowed by each other’s mouths. The blonde hugged his husband tighter when the latter began thrusting forward, producing some delicious friction on their lower regions.

“Mine.” Tora whimpered between kisses, possessiveness swelling as he drew the younger teen to him. Saga was his, and he would make sure thing would stay this way for a very, very long time ahead. Shou and Zero and everyone else be damned.

Before Saga realised it, Tora’s hand had sneaked down to gently cup his bottom. He gasped in surprise—breaking the kiss in the process—when Tora playfully squeezed his butt.

He heard a chuckle coming from his husband and the only thing he did was put on an immense pout on his lips, as he mumbled, “Don’t tease me, Tora…” before he crashed their mouths together again.

After a long moment of lips smacking almost desperately against each other and tongues tangling messily in order to taste their partner’s better , they  finally broke apart.

“Liar.”  Looking down at Saga’s pouting, kiss-swollen lips, Tora groaned deeply, licking a way down from the corner of Saga’s mouth toward the line of his neck. “You love what I’m doing...right?”

Saga struggled to think of something to come up in a response—for he wouldn’t have been able to live it down if he were to verbally admit he enjoyed what Tora was doing to him;  but Tora caught him by surprise again when the dark-haired teen’s fingers started grazing his entrance.

The tips of the invading fingers were soaked with cool slippery lube—it surprised Saga because the blonde swore he was clueless about when Tora gripped the small bottle of lubrication whilst they were busy exploring each other’s flesh. The probing movement of the invading digits sent a wave shiver across Saga’s slim body. Despite the chilling sensation of the lube, Tora’s touch and the stretching motions he made soon send his body on fire. He moaned as the raven-haired teen thrusted his fingers a knuckle deeper into him, stroking him from the inside as the tips moving slowly, stretching him without causing actual pain. Beads of sweat slipping down along the sides of Saga’s temple as he shifted awkwardly on Tora’s laps, trying to adjust himself to the penetration—not aware of the fact that his movement was driving Tora’s fingers deeper. Without thinking, the blonde reached up to grasp his husband’s hair by fistful and drew their lips back together, in need of something to take his mind off from what Tora was doing, distract him from what they were about to do.  

Tora frowned in concentration, doing his best to move his lubed fingers along his partner’s narrow passway, he wanted to make sure Saga was ready for him, though it was no easy task to shift and angle his digits when the blond teen’s weight was pressing upon him, his heated skin was merging with his. It was also difficult to remind himself how he should be patient and not to rush things, when everything about Saga and the situation was turning him on so much.

Once again, Saga’s mind lingered upon the most random thoughts instead of acknowledging his current condition. Was it okay for him to straddle his partner’s laps like this? Would his weight be too much?  But looking down at his husband...he noticed Tora didn’t seem to mind, actually the older one seemed to enjoy their...activities,  so he took it as a sign that everything was on the right track.

Tora was at the edge of self abandonment at this point. How much he longed to push the younger boy down on the floor and take him... ...Knowing that they both wanted it had made it even more difficult to hold back. It took all of his willpower to retrain himself, taking things as slowly and carefully as they could  instead of rushing forward. He cared about Saga, so he could not take any chance of putting the blond in harm’s way out of carelessness.

Slowly, he guided Saga to kneel over his laps, positioning him so that their sweaty torsos were pressed tightly together and Tora could rest his head against his younger husband’s shoulder blade, giving him best access to feast on his lover’s skin, which he devoured with his eager mouth.

So distracted by the sensation of Tora’s warm lips kissing and sucking at the flesh between his neck and collar, Saga was only faintly aware of the older one withdrawing his fingers. Instead, Tora now cupped his partner’s bottoms with his palms, and was slowly guiding Saga to lower himself onto his impatiently waiting manhood.

The blonde blushed hotly when he felt the tip of his husband’s erection probing at him in between his butts, the sensation of being touched in such a sensitive place made the blond groan. Taking in deep breath, the younger boy did his best to relax as Tora lowered him further onto his engorged shaft. Despite his best effort, Saga still couldn’t help tensing up, feeling stretched as he slipped further down, a thick wave of heat rising across his limbs, threatening to light his body aflamed. Saga bit his lower lip, trying to remind himself it wasn’t the first time he had done something like this, he shouldn’t be so nervous about being intimate with Tora; only to remember many of the details about their first time was still largely missing in his mind, plus he still didn’t know much about what had gone through in his mind at *that* time. Now, he was fully conscious with no alcohol to cloud his sense, he was perfectly aware of what they were doing, it was different from their first coupling, and strangely enough, it made the experience even more exciting and intensive.

Both of them could not stop gasping in union when Saga finally sat fully on his lover’s laps. Saga was heaving his breath by lungful, his thin arms wrapped around his lover’s neck for support as his body trembled against Tora, trying to adjust to the sensation of being impaled, his own weight made him slip even deeper whenever he tried to shift his lower body. When he realised there wasn’t anything else to do to lessen the tension, he went still, straddling the older boy’s laps, catching his breath as best he could.  

He didn’t notice himself tightening his grasp around Tora’s neck so strongly to the point of being uncomfortable to the latter, and his nails had been digging into the flesh of his husband’s nape and upper back during the progress. But the raven head did not complain. Instead, Tora’s hands had moved from holding him in place to reach up, stroking along the length of the younger boy’s smooth, sweaty  back, waiting for the boy  to calm down, although his instinct was screaming for him to move, to thrust into his mate’s soft body without restrain, until his lust was satisfied. The urge was almost impossible to resist when he was buried deep in the tight heat of the younger boy’s flesh, but what little left of his better judgement had kept him from following the strong urge,  for he wanted to make sure Saga was ready before they went ahead.

“How do you feel?” Tora murmured next to the blonde’s ear, his question ended with a groan.
“Strange...” Saga whispered. “ I feel...full.
“It doesn’t hurt, right?” Tora asked with a frown of worry knotted between his brows.
“No...” The blonde shook his head.
“Good.” Tora couldn’t help chuckling a bit, before he once more placed his hands on his lover’s hips. “We have to start, Saga. I don’t think I can hold on much longer...”

Instantly, Saga knew what Tora had in mind, the mental image of what was about to take place made the blonde whimper in a mixture of desire and nervousness, but he still gave his husband a small nod before the raven head guided him to shift upward, before sitting back down experimentally onto Tora’s shaft again.

They repeated the movement until a rhythm was built,  at the back of their minds they knew they should keep it slow but as passion and lust overtook them and the heat between them rose into impossible height, it became more difficult to stay calm. Before Saga noticed he had started moving over his partner’s laps on his own, his hands gripped onto the older boy’s shoulders as he slipped himself upward, and then dropped down in a series of fast motions, whilst Tora panting beneath him, moving his hips up to meet Saga every time he grounded himself down.

The blond teen grasped loudly when his lover reached between their bodies and once again wrapped his fingers around his aroused manhood, stroking him skillfully along the hardened shaft. They moved together almost desperately trying to reach for release. Saga could feel his length quickly reaching its full hardness, the sensation of his shaft being toyed with and the tension of Tora’s manhood pulsing inside of him confirmed that they wouldn’t last much longer.

At the back of his hay mind, the blond could hear Tora murmuring incoherent words urgently into his ears but Saga couldn’t make out what the older boy was saying between pants. But within the next second he felt it as a surge of thick liquified heat rushing up into the depth of his passway. Saga cried out as his husband gripping his hardened shaft almost harshly, stroking him and sending him off the edge almost at the same time when the raven head reached climax. Saga could feel himself exploding onto Tora’s hand, but in that instant he also experienced a strange sensation as though he was hopelessly melting around Tora, as the latter also opened himself up to merge the two of them together.

Like somehow, it had become something more than just sex. Instead ,it felt as though they had taken down  the last barriers between them, so they could face each other truthfully, and be truly together now.


A long moment afterward, they were still tangled together, trying to catch their own breath. Eventually, Tora was the first one to move by slipping off from his younger husband’s warmth. Then, with careful motions he laid Saga back down on the comforter before joining him on the floor, his face buried in the blonde’s neck. He was still out of breath, and he noticed Saga was not much different. The younger boy laid next to him, his chest still heaving. His eyes were half closed and unfocused as though he was about to fall asleep out of tiredness.

The older boy shifted himself towards the blond teen until his forehead was touching Saga’s. Between his pants, though, the sacred three words managed to escape Tora’s mouth.

“...I love you.”

The raven head got up a bit, his left arm propping him up. He looked down at his husband’s face, searching for any sign of disapproval. Saga had his eyes widened in surprise, which discouraged Tora a little, but the dark-haired teen had decided not to back off this time. He was now certain with what he felt towards the younger boy.

“I...” Saga’s unspoken words died before they had ever been uttered as the blonde averted his glance, unable to meet Tora’s eyes..
“I have always loved you,” added Tora, never looking away from Saga.

The younger boy looked up at his husband again, unable to  think of anything to say at the moment for words had seemed to leave him.  Love...? Could it be true that Tora did have feeling for him? Or was he only speaking under the influence of lust?

The more important question for him to ask might be: did he return Tora’s feeling?

Looking deeply into the other boy’s eyes, Saga saw genuineness reflecting in those eyes, also the feelings Tora had held for him, which spoke volumes more than any words could. For the first time, everything  became clear to him.

For a moment, he swore he could see all of the time between them flashing before his mind-eye within an instant. Countless of memories of  them being a part of each other’s life, those memories were now playing out before him  like different scenes from a movie. Those memories ran all the way back: the time they knew each other, living under the same roof,  their arguments, their laughter, their tears, moments of sorrow and joy. Had those memories been piling up and changed something within him? Did his feeling towards Tora had become something more, even before he could notice the change?

Tora confused him, made him angrier than anyone else had managed to make him. The raven head had also made him cry; but he did care about him, for more than once. He had comforted him when he needed it the most, he had shown concern, so...could this really be love?  

Saga felt heat rose up at the corners of his eyes. No one else had ever made him feel so strongly about them before.

“I think I love you too.” The blond teen whispered back.

Tora sighed in relief, a smiled played on his lips for finally, he had heard the answer he had subconsciously hoped to hear for a long time.

Saga blinked slowly, “So what did *that* make us?”

“Two idiots who couldn’t see things as they really are?”

The blond closed his eyes, now with a gentle smile danced across his lips. “I guess you’re right.”

Tora snorted, but he pressed his forehead against Saga’s once again after that. His eyes were closed, although Saga could see a grin forming on the raven head’s lips. The blonde caressed his husband’s cheek. He had to admit that Tora’s confession made him...happy. He felt like he had finally gotten his answers, and therefore, he shouldn’t live in uncertainty anymore.

“It took us long enough, didn’t it?” Whispered Saga, his gaze averting up to the dark ceiling above.

The raven head hummed in response, but then he sat up and leant back onto the stack of pillows again, pulling Saga closer to him. Saga rested his head back on Tora’s chest, as his husband encircled his arms around him securely.

“But I’ve actually realised about it all this time. I just...” Tora trailed off.
“I...needed time to overcome my ego. To stop denying what I feel. I guess I—”
“Tora...” The blonde interjected, “We’re just still...too young.”

Despite himself, Tora smiled hearing Saga’s words.

“Yeah,” he continued, “Saga...”

Tora placed his palm on top of Saga’s tummy, caressing it gently.

“I will take care of you...both of you.”

Saga was silent at first. He wanted to say something in response to Tora's vow, yet all he did was remain silent. However then, he felt warm liquid running down his cheek. He touched his face and traced the wetness with his fingertips.

Meanwhile Tora, becoming aware of Saga's sudden silence, looked down at his husband who had lowered his head. Worried, he asked, "What's wrong?"

“Nothing. I’m just......I’m alright. I guess...”

Finding it strange for his husband to be tearful whilst he insisted that he was alright, Tora frowned, thinking that Saga’s words didn’t make much sense, but he didn’t quite know how to voice out his thought.

Now facing his dear husband, although not looking at the boy’s in the eyes, Saga encircled his arms around Tora’s neck and whispered, “Just.....don’t let us part again. I...we need you, Tora.”

To be continued.
alice nine fanfic Cross Game part 44

Title: Cross Game

Authors: Mizuki and Jun

Beta: Kuni Klein, gazerockyo, zuou, and now miriam1988 (Miriam)

Band: Alice Nine and others

Rating: R to NC-17

Genre: mpreg and romance what I hope is comedy

Pairings: Tora/Saga, Shou/Saga and hint of other pairings

Warning: smut, mpreg and angst

Dedication: it’s a request for my friend cream4me, who provided the basic plot.

Summary: Just looked at what had happened to him the last time he let his guard down when Tora was around, was enough a lesson to teach him the otherwise.

Part 43…


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Hi everyone:

You will find Jrock fanart, fanfics and a lot of Yaoi in here among many other things, some of the deviations are NC-17 for one reason or another.

There’s chance that you might not like what you see here, so bear in mind that whenever you click and look at the deviations it is all up to your own decision, no one forces you to read/look at them at gunpoint. Understand?

PS: if you don’t even know what ‘Yaoi’ is, then I won’t suggest you to check my deviations.

Current Residence: a sad place called reality
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: manga, does it count?*winks*
MP3 player of choice: some made in China thing, cheap and useable...^^;
Wallpaper of choice: i sucked posting wallpaper!
Favourite cartoon character: Johnny from JTHM, does he count?
I finished the new chapter of my Despairsray fanfic.............but somehow I had decided to separate it from the main series and give it a new title.

And right now I can't figure out the new title. =__= 

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